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VPS NetRay. Rental of reliable virtual servers

NetRayNetRay Member, Provider

Reliable virtual servers from NetRay

- Locations in Germany and Ukraine.

- Unlimited traffic.

- SSD.

- Speed up to 200 Mbps.

- Individual approach to each client.

- Accurate selection of your future server for any task.

- Wide choice of operating systems for your VPS.

- Anonymity of use and payment (pay with crypto).

- The ability to choose the characteristics of your server yourself.

- Price from 8$.

Follow the link to buy VPS NetRay

Do you have any questions? Write to us at any time

on the website or Telegram


  • NetRayNetRay Member, Provider
    Promo codes:
    VIRTUALITIES - 15% discount on any tariff
    THREEMONTHS - 50% discount on any tariff when buying for three months

  • NetRayNetRay Member, Provider
    Servers Germany, Ukraine, Poland
    from 8$
    1 vCPU
    2GB RAM
    25 GB SSD

    1 vCPU
    4 Gb RAM
    40GB SSD

    2 vCPUs
    6GB RAM
    60GB SSD

    8 Gb RAM
    80GB SSD
  • NetRayNetRay Member, Provider

    Location servers Germany, Ukraine and Poland

    Unlimited traffic
    Speed up to 200 Mbps

    from 8$

    Shop from net-ray.com

  • NetRayNetRay Member, Provider
    Успей забрать VPS по скидке!
    Сервера Германия, Украина, Польша

    VIRTUALITIES - скидка на 15% на любой тариф
    THREEMONTHS - скидка 50% на любой тариф при покупке на три месяца

  • NetRayNetRay Member, Provider
    Pay for VPS securely and anonymously with cryptocurrency

    You have the opportunity to purchase a virtual server for cryptocurrency!
    Wide variety of payments
    - USDT (Tron, ETH, BSC, Polygon),
    - BTC (Tron, BTC),
    - BCH (Tron, Bitcoin cash),
    - BNB(Tron, BSC),
    - BUSD(Tron, ETH, BSC),
    - DAI(Tron, Polygon, BSC, ETH),
    - DASH(Tron, DASH), - DOGE(Tron, Doge),
    - ETH(Tron, ETH),
    - LTC(Tron, LTC),
    - MATIC(Tron, Polygon),
    - TON(Tron, TON),
    - TRX(Tron),
    - USDC(BSC, Tron, ETH, Polygon),
    -XMR(Tron, Monero)
  • NetRayNetRay Member, Provider
    1 vCPU
    2 Gb RAM
    25 Gb SSD

    1 vCPU
    4 Gb RAM
    40 Gb SSD

    2 vCPU
    6 Gb RAM
    60 Gb SSD

    3 vCPU
    8 Gb RAM
    80 Gb SSD
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