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[eTechSupport] Outsource Web Hosting Support | Server Security And Hardening Service |

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eTechSupport offers Remote Infrastructure Managed Services such as [b]Outsource Web Hosting Support, Remote Server Administration, Server Management & Monitoring, Migration, and Helpdesk & Live Chat Support to a global customer base[/b].

We feel that server hardening is one of the most important activities to do on a server, given the risks associated with host data. Our experienced team of certified experts will quickly identify such vulnerabilities and convert non-secure servers to secure and risk-free servers.

Here is the list of Server Security And Hardening Service plans:

[*]Quick Security Scan
[*]Rootkit Hunter
[*]Anti-Virus Installation
[*]Host.conf and sysctl.conf
[*]Securing Apache
[*]Web Server & PHP Hardening
[*]Brute Force Detection
[*]Monthly Vulnerability Scans
[*]CSF IPtables Firewall
[*]Securing /tmp, /var/tmp
[*]Removal of logs, software
[*]MySQL optimization
[*]White Label Support
[*]24/7 Certified Engineers
[*]Phone Support
[*]Skype Support
[*]Live Chat Support
[*]Price: [color=blue]$25.00 [/color]/mo - [b][url=https://www.etechsupport.net/contact-us/]Contact Here[/url][/b].

For more details please, visit Server Security And Hardening Service Plans: https://www.etechsupport.net/server-security-and-hardening/

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of our sales representatives through LiveChat/Skype or fill out this form. We'll be pleased to answer any questions and provide you with an all-inclusive custom estimate. We're also willing to provide a 7-day free trial to allow you to evaluate our service, support, and experience.
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