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Stop All Unprivileged Risks with ESDS PAM Services

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There are various instances when we hear about escalated risks & misuse of access-based permissions, resulting in unauthorized access to critical data and applications. Unmanaged user accounts often serve as a vulnerability end-point that can be easily attacked by external cybercriminals & malicious actors within the organization. To stop all such unprivileged escalations and risks, ESDS offers its PAM (Privileged Access Management) Solution, a unique, smart & controlled PAM offering.

With ESDS’ PAM Solution, IT and security heads of an enterprise can easily mitigate security risks enhance their compliance requirements by proactive monitoring of user activities. ESDS deploys security policies intended to reduce data breaches & leaks to unauthorized users. ESDS PAM is the perfect solution that gives a centralized policy framework for authorizing privileges based on users’ roles & responsibilities.

How ESDS PAM Benefits?

·         Controlled user authorization

·         Single Sign-On

·         Multi-factor Authentication

·         Password Vaulting

·         User Session Monitoring

·         Single Admin Control

Phase-Wise Execution of ESDS PAM Solution

ESDS PAM Solution involves a continuous & secure cycle that gets executed in the following four phases-

·         Isolating & recording critical assets, privileged accounts & interdependencies available over a software/hardware platform

·         Assigning access only to authorized users through the least privileged required, allowing credentials to be used for accessing critical IT assets

·         Implementing password complexity as well as synchronizing changes within all dependencies for avoiding major disruptions in services

·         Timely auditing & reporting so that every privileged request gets documented. Configuring alerts in case any unusual activity or privilege escalation has taken place

Contact Team ESDS if you are looking for a controlled & smart PAM Solution to avoid any privileged escalations and risks.

For more information, discuss your requirements with Team ESDS through-

Email: [email protected] | Toll-Free: 1800 209 3006 | Website: https://www.esds.co.in/

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