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Secure Your Web Applications Against Online Threats with eNlight WAF

Cyber-attackers are constantly targeting user web applications and websites with the ill intent to gain access to sensitive business information. These increasing numbers of data breaches have kept the top-management, and other business decision-makers worried. To avoid all such losses, ESDS has developed eNlight WAF, a specially-engineered & first of a kind Cloud-hosted WAF. This Cloud-hosted WAF filters out all the incoming and outgoing web traffic by restricting malicious threats like SQL Injections, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Attacks.

eNlight WAF allows the users to create their own rules for blocking all web attacks with minimal latency towards page response. eNlight WAF ensures source IP reputation and blocks all blacklisted, spammer and TOR networks. It is a highly cost-effective secure solution that allows users to pay only for utilized resources like CPU, Bandwidth and RAM.

Salient Features of eNlight WAF

·         Virtual Patching

ESDS eNlight WAF generates a set of rules for rectifying the identified vulnerabilities from an uploaded vulnerability scanner report

·         Backed by Machine Learning

Using mathematical algorithms, eNlight WAF uses an approach for learning and modeling typical traffic along with detection of any abnormal requests

·         Anomaly Detection

Anomaly detection is integrated with eNlight WAF that allows the system administrators to identify any form of risky behavior and accordingly develop effective filtering policies

·         Load Distribution

Using the HA-Proxy, eNlight WAF distributes all of the incoming traffic across several nodes present in the cluster, which is then dispatched to a farm of web servers

·         Secure Applications and Websites

Users can add multiple applications and websites using customized configurations. A simple and easy-to-understand dashboard helps in easy setup and management of web assets with ease

Value-Added Benefits of eNlight WAF

·         Auto-Scalable WAF Solution- eNlight Cloud, the world’s first dual-patented Cloud hosting platform, supports eNlight WAF, which allows scalability of applications as per demand

·         Auto Protection- Auto protection protects user’s websites against OWASP Top-10 Vulnerabilities and other online threats. The user needs to add his IP or subnet for granting/denying access to any website

·         Cost-Effective Solution- With eNlight WAF, there is no need for any additional hardware or applications as it works on a pay-per-use model

·         Enhanced Protection Against Browser Hacking- With eNlight WAF, users can terminate their SSL connection without incurring much overheads or latency

Leverage eNlight WAF today and secure your critical data hosted on websites and web applications against all online threats and vulnerabilities.

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