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Best Lifetime Free Web Hosting with cPanel - Hostpoco.com!

If you want to run a small business or test a website, you’re not expecting much of it, and you don’t want to invest any money in the project at all, then free website hosting is perfect work for you!

HostPoco has become the No.1 Free Hosting provider, proudly providing Free Hosting service for years. Our free service is purely based on the cPanel platform and offers the best hosting experience for clients. We have hundreds of clients who have been using our free service for the last 3+ years, and we never forced them for paid service.

We offer 200MB space, 200MB Bandwidth, Subdomain, Database, Email Accounts, Stat programs, Free SSL, and much more features with the Free Startup plan. Most of the clients have moved already with Hostpoco, and you should try our service.

FREE Startup: $0/Lifetime

- Single Domain Hosting
- 200MB Web Space
- 200MB Bandwidth
- 2 Email Accounts
- 2 Sub Domains
- DDOS Protection
- 99.99% uptime
- Softaculous Supported
- Tier 1 Technical Support

For more plan details:https://www.hostpoco.com/free-hosting.php

Do you have any questions?

Send us an email to [email protected] and visit our website to chat live using live chat support. Live Chat Support

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  • Free web hosting looks really tempting and maybe exciting to hop on. It's somehow okay to go with it though,but this depends on some factors.

    One thing I think we should keep in mind is that in life, nothing actually comes for free,you definitely will pay for it one way or the other. Even if it does, it definitely is not very good and reliable.

    Now free web hosting comes with a lot of downsides which I personally think it's not worth going with. This is because these disadvantages will affect your website or blog in so many ways and probably bring your website or blog down.

    Now let's look at some factors

    • Storage: Free web hosting providers always offer a limited amount of storage space or bandwidth. They don't give enough room for websites with large files and documents. Also, they probably might not have a backup system which means your files can easily get lost.
    • Security: With free web hosting,there is no guarantee you're secure. In some cases there is no security at all and you can't question why because you're being hosted for free. If your website has sensitive datas that needs tight security,free web hosting is definitely not for you.
    • Support: Free web hosting doesn't offer a 24/7 customer service,in some cases there is no customer service at all. If you encounter technical issues or get stuck,you're totally on your own. Also ,if you're new to hosting,not all free web hosting providers offer you tutorials or guides to help you get started.
    • Uptime and speed: In short, free web hosting has a very poor uptime and speed. This is obvious because you're hosted for free. We know search engines use speed in ranking sites , now if your site is hosted free, you definitely should not expect your site to rank on top of search engines.
    • Terms and conditions: A free web hosting provider might change their terms and conditions of their service without your prior knowledge.This may affect your site in many ways including incomplete payments,less traffic,loss of some valuable data and so on. This may also include some charges you'll have to pay for with no objections. They owe you no explanation because they claim to be offering you for free.
    • Service: You may also wonder how these providers afford to offer you free hosting. This is simple, mostly,they make money by putting up ads almost everywhere on your free pages. Therefore, you can certainly expect your pages to show ads you did not place. The worst is when a free host uses popups, which is very aggravating for visitors.Thus is usually included in their term and conditions which often require that you allow their online banners and advertisements to be placed on your website. As they will say, it is what pays the bills.

    With a free hosting, you're only offered with a subdomain . This means, their name comes along with your unique domain name in the address. If you have a business, a potential client might think you are not successful enough to have your own website, and turn away to find someone whose website is with one of the best paid website hosting services.

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