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Need your advice

Which server is better to have a deal with - hostingsource.com or hostwebis.com?


  • Try centohost.com server hosting. When signing up with such a cheap provider, I was initially concerned about reliability and customer service, but both have been excellent. I have experienced no downtime in the last 4 months, and customer service has been excellent.

  • Today, hosting server providers are heavily relying on virtual server technologies. Virtual server technologies simply allow business owners to fluently drive down rising costs while delivering expected service levels to the customers. Previously, data centers have specialized silos that remained independent of each other and store purposeful data. In this, most of the resource needs remained static while others grew exceptionally well, with no other way of disseminating resources among business applications. Here, virtualization shares resources among the widest possible applications in a way that both minimizes costs and increases interoperability. It simply enables IT to be more sensible to transmuting demands for resources.

    Choosing the right provider can be broken down into the following categories:

    Retention Let's face it: the number one reason free services are useless is they do not retain posts long enough to actually find what you are looking for. No one has the time to read 100,000+ newsgroups 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Reliability Downtime is never fun, especially when you are paying for it. If there is only a few dollars of difference between a provider with years of experience and a history of superb reliability and a service that offers a cheaper approach, remember, the extra few bucks may mean the difference between having a connection or a headache.

    Other Factors Most providers offer plans that limit the amount of data you can download each month, although there are usually higher priced plans that offer unlimited downloads. If you are unsure of how much bandwidth you need, choose a provider that offers several tiers and month to month billing (no contract), then if you need to adjust to a more robust offering later, you can do so at any time.


    Performance and reliability are what has made the usenet the age old beast that it is, while security and long binary retention rates have made it the all time champion of file sharing online. It is affordable and accessible, with several providers meeting the needs of users requiring instant access to the media and information they demand.

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    If you are considering two options, then you are better off taking a free trial period to compare these servers. To do this, you can use server monitoring, here is a detailed instruction on how to connect it. Based on the data received, you can draw conclusions in favor of the best server.
  • The basic information you should look for before setting out for a web hosting company to host your site.

    Domain Name: A domain name is a sequence of letters and numbers which determine the address of your site. You can either get your domain name separate from the web hosting or together with your web hosting. Most web hosting companies' gives a domain name free to all new clients. The next step is to make sure that the server you want to buy actually supports the kind of website your designer is building.

    Shared (Virtual) Web Hosting Or Dedicated Server Hosting

    Shared (or virtual) web hosting is the most fitting way of hosting for 99% of web sites. It means that a web hosting company will have one or more servers (computers constantly connected to the Internet that run a web server software such as Apache or IIS) that will be running multiple web sites (it will be shared). Unless a web site is exceptionally busy or requires a lot of bandwidth, this is the least expensive way to get a real web site.

    How Much Disk Space is on Offer?

    Space is the amount of "stuff" you can put on your web site. Available space is usually listed in megabytes or gigabytes. HTML files are usually rather small (this file is about 25,000 bytes) but pictures and programs can get quite big. If you want to run a pictures website or video streaming website, you will need a web hosting that can provide enough disk space and monthly bandwidth. Your scripts, emails and stats will also take up space on your host.

    How reliable is their Server?

    Uptime is the percentage of time that a web site is working. For example, if some host has an uptime average of 99.86%, this means that your site will be down for a total about 1 hour each month. The best web hosting servers are able to average 99.9%. Many of them don't even have a down time, but can not claim 100% uptime so need to be realistic so they claim 99.9%.

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  • Servers from kvchosting.net and legionbox.com are well-balanced and they are rock-solid.
    Great hosting. Excellent prices. I have never had any trouble with the hosting. Anything I need to update, I am told in advance. The customer service is great.  Help is there at your service 24/7. Fast, efficient and there for you.

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    Particularly impressed with the live chat customer service support provided by Zakservers.com - extremely helpful. The servers are fast. The pages load fast, day or night. They have a well balanced system over there.

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    When deciding on which hosting service to use, some things are quite crucial in determining what kind of hosting you get. Choosing the best hosting service can be a tricky if not a hard affair because of the mushrooming of many other companies that claim to offer hosting services. Therefore, you need to be very careful because if your hosting is not done correctly, it could hunt you for days on end as the quality and performance of your web sites will be greatly hindered. 

    To begin with, the server hosting company should give you space that is enough for your needs. Whether it is for business or any other needs, you must ensure that the space the company allocates you is enough. You do not want a server with inadequate space that will slow down your business services with endless space shortfalls. In addition, who knows, a time may come when you feel the need to expand your online business or any other service from continued growth and lacking that extra space to do this can be disappointing. Most importantly however, such a company should be able to show reliability, utmost security and reasonable speeds when accessing the net. The last thing you want is a connection that will take ages before opening a page particularly if your site is rich in graphics and other flashy presentations.

    Regardless of everything, the crucial thing with your hosting service provider is the security of your web. How secure has the company it? Are their systems good enough for the kind of security your business may need? These questions must be answered.

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