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eNlight Private Cloud - A Scalable, Secure Cloud Hosting Your Applications & Data

Addressing a customer's growing needs, ESDS is here to offer a Private Cloud hosting platform that is scalable, secure, flexible, & most importantly, compliant to all industry standards. You get the best of a Private Cloud Hosting with eNlight Cloud that ensures maximum security to hosted applications & data through multiple layers of protection.

ESDS' Private Cloud platform gives organizations complete control of their Cloud environment present in a Data Center that QSA International Limited has granted TIA-942-B Tier 3 compliance status. Built over ESDS' patented Cloud platform, eNlight Cloud, ESDS' Private Cloud hosting can offer solutions regardless of workload through the highest degree of security & privacy. eNlight Private Cloud aims for organizations that need a dedicated IT environment and round-the-clock technical support offered by ESDS' experienced & expertized Managed Services Team.

Why Should You Choose ESDS' eNlight Private Cloud?

As an end-user of Cloud Hosting, ESDS' Private Cloud Hosting can be extremely beneficial in the following ways-

·         Scalable Environment for Mission-Critical Applications

Business applications demand a robust & scalable infrastructure that delivers high performance and consistency. eNlight Private Cloud is a cost-effective Cloud hosting solution for supporting dedicated resources. With eNlight Private Cloud Hosting, one gets a single & centralized control panel for controlling their resources as a user.

·         Enhanced Security

eNlight Private Cloud offers a complete suite of best-in-class security services. This Private Cloud hosting is highly compatible across various Cloud hosting environments to deliver customized security solutions based on business needs. This Cloud platform includes security policies as defined by the industry.

·         Virtual Environment Management

The virtual environment in eNlight Private Cloud is deployed over a stack of enterprise-ready hardware. The dedicated and expert Cloud teams at ESDS help you design a virtual environment as per business needs. With eNlight Cloud, a customizable domain is offered to users supported by high-security measures.

·         High-Performance Cloud Hosting Through Exuberant Support

Through ESDS' round-the-clock tech support, eNlight Private Cloud offers enterprise-grade and industry-leading Private Cloud Hosting. The support team at ESDS is committed to delivering Cloud's backend operations by delivering enhanced Cloud Computing experience & advanced security solutions.

·         Customizable Cloud Infrastructure

eNlight Private Cloud offers a flexible Cloud hosting environment for customizing resources as per business requirements. This Cloud Hosting can be easily customizable by adding or removing resources such as load balancers, firewalls, network devices, and Cloud-based storage.

·         Multiple Hypervisor Platforms

ESDS has partnered with leading enterprises for delivering Hypervisor platforms over Private Cloud hosting environments.

·         Regular Snapshots

Ensure hindrance-free business continuity even during natural disasters, cyberattacks, human-induced errors, and hardware failures. Proactive snapshots of eNlight Cloud ensure faster recovery of servers during any unprecedented event.

Learn more about ESDS eNlight Private Cloud Hosting on - https://www.esds.co.in/enlight-private-cloud-hosting.

Contact Team ESDS & get yourself industry-leading Private Cloud solutions for enhanced security.

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