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Spam continues to plague the internet because a small number of Internet Service Providers knowingly sell service to professional spammers for profit, or do not do enough or nothing to prevent spammers operating from their networks. Although nearly all ISPs claim to be anti-spam, some executives factor revenue made from hosting known spam gangs into corporate policy decisions to continue to sell services to spam operations.

The majority of the world's Internet Service Providers succeed in keeping spammers off their networks and work to maintain a positive anti-spam reputation, but their work is undermined daily by the few ISPs such as these, who, out of corporate greed or mismanagement, choose to be part of the problem.

Even if you are reputed hosting service provider, some of your customers might have left your services because of these email/IP reputation problems.

The SERVERHEDGE admins are experts in spam investigation to track down the origin of spam/spoof done by hidden culprit scripts/users on your servers, which always degrade your IP reputation to outside world. Also our admins are well aware of incoming spam resolution methods using brilliant & industrial standard tools (like spamassasin etc..).

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