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What is Schema?

What Is Schema Markup & Why It’s Important for SEO?


  • sumeethannurkarsumeethannurkar Member, Provider

    Once the HTML code is added, schema markup helps search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex understand the content you're providing so that they can provide the quickest, most relevant results for each searcher in their search engine result

  • Asgard87Asgard87 Member, Provider
    Code that helps data/information to be structured as per query. Really helpful for SEO> gets good clicks and traffic to the website.
  • Divya165Divya165 Member, Provider
    The design of the database is called a schema. This tells us about the structural view of the database. It gives us an overall description of the database. A database schema defines how the data is organized using the schema diagram. A schema diagram is a diagram which contains entities and the attributes that will define that schema.
  • viakgroupviakgroup Member, Provider
    A local business schema  is a type of structured data markup code that you can add to your company website to make it easier for search engines to determine what type of organization you are and what you do.

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