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ESDS VTMScan - Don’t let the Hacker feed on your Data!

Website owners constantly strive to improve their businesses, little do they realize that the crux of every online business today is web security. You never know, your website might be the next target! If you are under the constant threat of security breach, you should opt for security tools to monitor your website.  

Secure your Online Presence with ESDS VTMScan!

ESDS VTMScan is a vulnerability scanning tool helping the website owners to defend their website against sophisticated hackers. ESDS VTMScan scans the trap set by the hacker to steal your data setting timely alerts of the security lapse. It detects website defacement attacks with its content change monitoring technique by constantly monitoring your website. Don’t fall prey to hacker’s trap with ESDS VTMScan!

Why Should You Choose ESDS VTMScan?

1.Generates timely alerts of security lapse

2. Web application vulnerability assessment

3.Content Change Monitoring to detect the website defacement attacks

4. VTMScan offers user defined Automated scheduled scanning and threat prioritizing

5. VTMScan secures the web assets from top 10 OWASP

6. It protects the web assets against the Malwares and phishing attempts

7. Proactive detection and corrective recommendation for top 10 OWASP threats

8.Operates over the network offering 24X7 in-depth monitoring of incidents

9. It delivers scanned with recommendations

10.Fully compatible with all content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, vBulletin

How do we serve our esteemed customers:

1. 24x7x365 technical support

2. Proactive and dedicated team of experts

3. Single point of contact to resolve queries

4. Exuberant user experience

To help you secure your website, ESDS VTMScan runs an exclusive offer only for you. Save 20% on all plans of ESDS VTMSCAN and secure your web presence with one click web security solution. Hurry up! It is a limited period offer. To benefit from the offer use Coupon code: VTM2020.

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